Hello readers:

What a great turn out for our first lunch meeting of this season. I want to thank all of you that attended and hope you got a lot from our speakers. That’s right we had two speakers at the first luncheon of this season. I think the format worked really well and congratulations should go out to Christoph Lohr for setting the meeting up and working as the “MC” of the presentation.

I have to say again just how grateful I am to all of our current members and those that have recently join our Phoenix ASPE Chapter. We are continuing to grow and strength our Chapter and the comradery among our members is terrific to witness. I am bias, for sure, but we surely have one of the strongest chapters in the country. The willingness to help each other in the engineering field as well as be there for others outside of our Chapter is inspiring.

There will be more opportunities in the near future for our Chapter to do more outreach programs and be a positive influence and example for others to see. It will be a pleasure to work alongside any and all of you in these types of endeavors.

Get ready for the Holidays folks. Where ever I look these seems to be a pumpkin spice something or other. I didn’t know you could get pumpkin spice in so many different things. Tis the season.

Lastly please keep a watch out for the kiddos crossing the street going to school.

Grady J. Lance

Southwest Sales Reps Arizona, LC
Phoenix ASPE Chapter Vice President Membership



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