Hello readers:

I learned a valuable lesson about communication I want to share.

Seems there was an issue with a product that wasn’t performing as the owner and their maintenance team expected it to. We tried explaining the functionality of the product over the phone and just couldn’t get the message across to the folks at the facility. Finally took a drive to Tucson and met with the owner’s representative and the maintenance team that works with the product daily.

Turns out the product was never going to work as designed as it wasn’t installed correctly. That meant the installer was added to the meeting which required another appointment be made for a different day later in the month.

In the meantime the installer made the prescribed changes and the product was ready to work as intended. By the time the second meeting came around all parties were ecstatic with the results.

What I learned was to be patient with the whole situation and not get overly excited that the product wasn’t installed correctly, or that I was going to have to drive to Tucson again, which is not right around the corner from Phoenix.

We were able to teach the installer the right way to incorporate the product, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and to follow the engineers’ product details and instructions which made them happy to see things work as intended. The owner and maintenance team was taught how to service the product and maintain it to keep it functioning at optimal level for the life cycle of the product. The engineer was happy because they were no longer getting calls from the owner questioning their choice of products.

As for me I got to make some new friends. WIN-WIN-WIN, communication and team work……..

Take care,

Grady J. Lance

Southwest Sales Reps Arizona, LC
Phoenix ASPE Chapter Vice President Membership



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