Hello readers:

January has come and gone and we Arizonians are loving life with the weather we are having. Just another reason to be a fan of our 48th State. Where else can you still be outside and enjoy the sunshine when even doing yardwork or other chores? This month we will see Spring Training start and there is an AYP Event planned out at the Cub’s Sloan Park at the end of March. Keep checking our website for more details.

Our membership is still growing and I cannot thank all of you for your efforts and how each of you are just wonderful ambassadors for our Phoenix ASPE Chapter. I know that our President has set some lofty goals to keep growing in membership throughout 2018. This is surely attainable as we continue to promote ASPE with what our Chapter is doing for our members and the community as well.

Don’t forget to put the TABLETOP PRODUCT SHOW on your calendars for February 15th from 3:00-7:00 PM. There will be lots to see with all the vendors as well as some technical sessions. Get signed up for one of the sessions to get those CEU’s.

Grady J. Lance

Southwest Sales Reps Arizona, LLC
Phoenix ASPE Chapter Vice President Membership



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