Greetings ASPE Members,

Happy October and cheers to embarking on the best time of the year to be a Phoenician. Last month we had a terrific meeting featuring a Forum on Non Chemical Water Treatment. I thought the format was wonderful, kudos to Christoph on getting this fresh material organized for our group.

I wanted to call to your attention change to the Arizona Revised Statutes which could affect those in our industry. As of 7/1/2017, the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety division of ADOSH is no longer performing boiler inspections, per A.R.S. 23-475.

All inspections will either be performed by insurance companies, or any company which is National Board accredited per NB-369. An NB-369 accredited company could or could not be an insurance company.

While there are many insurance carriers (Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Hartford and others) who are authorized to inspect insured appliances, currently there are only two companies who have agreed to perform inspections on boilers and water heaters in Arizona without having an insurance policy on the objects, Arise Boiler Inspection and OneCIS Insurance Company. Boilers which have an active insurance policy have the cost of the inspection rolled into the policy, those not having an active policy will have to contract with an authorized inspection agency. If the inspector has not been issued an Arizona Commission, ADOSH will not accept their report for the purpose of issuing operating certificates. All inspectors will have to renew their Arizona Commissions on an annual basis, and all commissions expire March 31st of each year.

Wishing you a wonderful Fall, and looking forward to seeing you all at our next meeting.

As always, if there is any way I can improve your experience with the ASPE Phoenix Chapter, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at a meeting or contact me via phone or email.

Best regards,

Jessica Wozniak
Greenfield Dynamics
Phoenix ASPE Chapter
Vice President, Legislative



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