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Greetings ASPE Phoenix!!

As I write this, we have 324 days until Christmas! January 2019 is officially in the books! Before you know it we will be dreading the triple digit temperatures and wishing our February weather could stay around forever.

This month I wanted to take an opportunity and discuss the importance of our upcoming Chapter elections. Historically, the ASPE Phoenix Chapter holds bi-annual elections to determine the Chapter Board of Directors for the upcoming two years. All Chapter board positions are voted on by Phoenix Chapter members during the last Chapter meeting of the year in May. This year, I have had many people come to me and tell me they are interested in getting involved at the Chapter Board level. This is great news for the Phoenix Chapter since we will be seeing a number of board members stepping down, retiring, or moving on to new board positions. Any full, or associate member in good standing can run for a Chapter board position. This allows a wide variety of members to become involved in the Chapter leadership, and helps prevents the same people rotating around the Chapter Board. Deciding to run for a board position requires some advance knowledge of what is required to successfully fill that position. ASPE Chapters are run in accordance with the ASPE Polices and Operations Manual which provides a written set of guidelines and basic requirements for successful Chapter operations. The P&O manual also includes the minimum requirements and responsibilities of each of the Chapter Board positions. If you are interested in running for a board position, you should seek to obtain a copy of the P&O Manual, so you can better understand what will be required of you if you decide to run for a position.  I have many individuals come to me and tell me they are interested in helping out, or getting involved, and then the conversation shifts to that person telling me they are willing to “do whatever”. To that, I usually ask them to speak to a current board member, or read the ASPE P&O Manual to determine what they want to do. Becoming an ASPE Phoenix Chapter Board member requires a passion for the ASPE Phoenix Chapter. It also requires a dedicated commitment to change, improve, or continue the success of the previous board member you are replacing. I think in any election, the candidates should be running for a purpose, or purposes, and not just because someone told them to get involved. However, many of us have joined the ASPE Board for that very reason. I think my point is that we shouldn’t have to rely on people twisting our arms to get involved. If you truly want to contribute your time and energy to the ASPE Phoenix Chapter, you should be confident in your abilities and determine how you can best serve the Chapter. You may have strengths in technical areas that would help us improve our Chapter technical session content. You might be a people person and really enjoy finding new members. You might even be involved with local, state or federal code officials and provide a benefit to our Chapter legislative needs. Whatever your strength, it can be applied to a position in the ASPE Phoenix Chapter.

This February, I will be announcing our current candidates for the 2019-2021 ASPE Chapter Board. In addition, I will be making an announcement that any person who is interested in running for a Chapter Board position must announce their decision to run before our March Chapter meeting. This year, I am relieving my position as President, and will be running for the Chapter Corresponding Secretary. I feel that I can provide assistance to the Board, and continue to provide leadership when needed. I enjoy all of the people on our current board, and consider them my second family. I truly hope we will have a successful Chapter election this May, and will bring some new faces, and fresh ideas to our Chapter. If you are interested in getting involved, and have a passion for our Chapter, please don’t hesitate to speak up and let myself, or another current board member what your desires are. We welcome all those willing to volunteer.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for supporting ASPE

Mathew Klem, CPD, LEED AP
Energy Systems Design
Phoenix ASPE Chapter President