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Greetings ASPE Phoenix!!

I admit, that most of the time I cringe when I realize its time to write my monthly ASPE article. However, this month I realized that this will be my last monthly article as ASPE Phoenix Chapter President and took some time to reflect on the past, present and future of our Chapter.

Almost seven years ago, I had an amazing opportunity to serve as a Delegate for the Phoenix Chapter at the ASPE Convention and Exposition in Charlotte, NC. My experience at that convention inspired me to want to get further involved at the Phoenix Chapter and contribute time, energy and new ideas to bring more benefits to our members. After serving as VP Legislative for a couple years, I was presented with an opportunity to lead the Chapter as President. At the time, I wanted nothing more than to ensure our Chapter thrived for my good friend Mark Tanner. Mark was slated to be our Chapter President before enduring a horrible stroke, that while devastating, forced the Phoenix Chapter to come together as a team, and move the Chapter in a direction that would allow us to grow and benefit our members beyond the standard monthly Chapter meeting.

Over the past four years, I have had a lot of fun serving with such an amazing group of individuals. I couldn’t have asked for better group of Chapter officers to surround myself with. I will always remember the good times, and hard work we put in to make this Chapter special. Together, we have taken on some tall tasks, and put together some amazing events. One of the most memorable events was in 2016 when we successfully hosted the ASPE National Convention and Exposition right here in Phoenix. This was such an amazing time for our Chapter. The convention really helped jump start our membership growth.

Since the convention, our Chapter has grown in leaps and bounds. Growing almost 65% over the past four years is a true testament to the hard work and effort our Chapter has put in. Through constant engagement with our current, and potential members and providing members with the tools, and knowledge to grow professionally, we continue to see interest in the Phoenix Chapter. We have aimed to provide content that will be useful for all areas of the industry. A few years back, when legionella was starting to become a very prominent subject in the industry, our VP Tech Christoph Lohr put together a year worth of technical sessions related to legionella which in my opinion, had a lot of value to it. I’ll be the first to tell you I am sick and tired of legionella technical sessions, but I don’t know of any other Chapters that gave their members a complete year of education on the subject matter from some of the best speakers on the subject. We heard from engineers, manufacturers, scientists, lawyers, and many other industry leaders. Just another example of the commitment the Phoenix Chapter to educate its members at the highest level.

In addition, ASPE Phoenix has been working to make a mark on younger generations. ASPE Phoenix assisted in creating educational outreach tools for the society. We utilized these tools to perform outreach to our local communities and spread information to elementary schools, high schools and universities about ASPE, Plumbing Engineering and the potential opportunities available to the younger generations.
Community engagement, and humanitarian efforts are very much a part of our Chapter. Other outreach efforts include the Women of ASPE Water Drive that brought in thousands of bottles of water that were donated to local homeless shelters to provide additional support to the homeless population through the hot summer months her in Phoenix. I can also never forget how quickly our Chapter came together when our good friend Mark Tanner suffered his stroke. In the same way a family comes together under difficult times, the Phoenix Chapter rose to the occasion and began working with Mark and his family to ensure they had all their needs met. Actions such as renovating Mark’s home to be ADA ready, raising funds to help with physical therapy, and volunteering for random acts of kindness are all examples of who the people in our Chapter are and what is important.

The members of this Chapter are very important and deserve the best that our Chapter can offer. We have fought hard to ensure that our long time member are recognized at the Society level. Those members who have contributed a lifetime of membership deserve to receive lifetime status for their commitment to the Society.

In the future, I am positive that our Chapter will continue to grow and get stronger with each new member that joins. Through constant communication, and providing endless opportunities to learn, and grow professionally, I believe ASPE Phoenix will set the bar for other Chapters across the United States and Canada. We are continually looking ahead, and have made some focused efforts to start a satellite chapter in Tucson. Who knows, maybe in 2020 we will have two chapters from Arizona represented in New Orleans.

While this will be my last month as Chapter President, I am still seeking to be active on the Phoenix Chapter board. I am hoping to fulfil the role of corresponding secretary, as well manage the ASPE Phoenix webpage. And even though our Chapter Board of Directors will get some new faces, I am positive that the group of individuals slated for 2019-2021 will be an amazing group. Our Chapter Board functions as a single unit. There are no individual decisions made. Every decision we have made, and will make in the future will be a board decision. However, I am very excited for Christoph Lohr to slide into the Presidents role, and continue leading our Chapter with his energetic, creative ideas. Christoph’s hard work, and continuous efforts without Chapter are proof that he will be a successful leader for this Chapter.

Thank you ASPE Phoenix for allowing me to lead this Chapter over the past four years. My success, and growth are directly related to my involvement in this Chapter and those in it. Our Chapter would have not succeeded if wasn’t for the amazing group of individuals on the Chapter Board that have volunteered many hours, days, and nights to make sure our Chapter succeeds.

Kindest Regards,

Thanks for supporting ASPE

Mathew Klem, CPD, LEED AP
Energy Systems Design
Phoenix ASPE Chapter President