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Hello all!

Spring is upon us, allergies are in the air, and baseball is back! What a great time of year. Not too long before we hit the triple digits and start to sweat again!
This month I encourage all our Chapter members to find a way to promote ASPE and the profession of Plumbing Engineering. Promoting ASPE not only helps ASPE as an organization, but it helps the future of our profession. Educating others about what plumbing engineers do, can spark interests in young minds, and create a foundation for a young individual looking for a career path. It can also help you as an individual learn more from your efforts in preparing material to share with others.

There are many ways to promote Plumbing engineering and ASPE. Opportunities such as speaking at your son, or daughter’s elementary school, high school are easy ways to share passion for plumbing design with the next generation. You could even see if your local community college or university has opportunities to speak to students involved in engineering courses, or curriculums. Take an hour to share with the younger generations what it is you do professionally. You’ll be surprised how much interest you receive! Or, try putting together a presentation for your local plan reviewers, or favorite architects and try to go over hot design topics, and things that are consistently a problem during design. These are great ways to not only promote better design, but possibly make your designs run smoother on the next project. You might even try to spend an hour with a building engineer, and discuss plumbing design theory. You’ll be amazed what you learn, and what they have to offer in return.

This spring, lets focus on promoting Plumbing Engineering, and sharing the passion of plumbing design with others.

Thanks for supporting ASPE,

Mathew Klem, CPD
Energy Systems Design
Phoenix ASPE Chapter President