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I can’t believe February is already here. January went by so quickly. The next 2 months are sure to fly by just as fast. We have quite a few events over the next 2-3 months, so make sure you write all these down.

February is always a big month for ASPE, as we begin to get ready for one of the biggest events in the Arizona mechanical and plumbing industry. The 2018 ASHRAE/ASPE Tabletop Show is being held this month on February 15th from 3pm to 7pm. Please join us for refreshments, technical sessions, and come view all of the latest equipment, devices, and fixtures on the market today.

Not long after our Tabletop Show, we are inviting all of our ASPE Young Professionals to join us for a day at Sloan Park to watch the Chicago Cubs play the Anaheim Angels on March 9th. See the home web page for details.

Not even a week after we enjoy the spring training event, we will be gearing up for our ASPE Golf tournament on March 16th. Get your old clubs out and enjoy some great weather and golf with us!

We will also be announcing details for our upcoming bottled water drive. We would like to start collecting cases of water bottles that we can then re-direct to local fire stations and local distribution centers that gather water for the homeless population here in Phoenix and distribute during the hot summer months. If you’ve lived through a summer here, you know how important it is to stay hydrated. We care about those less fortunate, and wish to do something to help them get through the summer this year.

Once again, I look forward to seeing you all at our regular monthly meeting this February 20th, as well as at all of the upcoming functions we have planned.

Warm Regards.

Thanks for supporting ASPE

Mathew Klem, CPD
Energy Systems Design
Phoenix ASPE Chapter President