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Greetings ASPE Phoenix Chapter,

It’s the time of year for giving, and a time of year to reflect on all of the good, and bad, that we may have experienced this year. As the year end approaches, I am amazed at the amount of growth and enthusiasm our chapter has experienced. Our Chapter is thriving, and many of you are becoming active volunteers in the Chapter and are coming up with new ideas and fresh approaches on encouraging others to get involved. Our technical meetings are progressing into valuable discussions that allow us to truly learn about the plumbing technology we utilize on a daily basis. We are now, more than ever, demanding more effective sustainable solutions in the plumbing industry, and are using our technical sessions as forum to challenge the plumbing manufacturing industry to evolve.

In addition we have also recently launched our first CPD Exam Review class last month which included almost 20 members. I believe it will be a huge success and allow a large group of individuals to take pride in becoming a CPD. I am thankful that Christoph Lohr has taken on the challenge of leading the CPD class, in addition to his role as VP Technical. If you see him around, give him a pat on the back and let him know he is doing an excellent job.

As I mentioned in my opening, it is the time of year for giving. I encourage all of our members to keep a giving attitude beyond the holidays and into the 2018 year. Our Chapter received the ASPE Chapter Humanitarian Award last October at the 2016 Convention, for giving back to the Tanner family, and supporting Mark through his challenging recovery and I would certainly enjoy our Chapter receiving that award in 2018 as well. Not to get fancy plaque, but as a testament to who we are as the ASPE Phoenix Chapter and what we can achieve. While we will continue to support Mark and his family, we must also continue to find other avenues to give back to our members, and the community around us. I am looking forward to 2018, and making it a year of giving back, and making a difference in our community as we have done within our Chapter.

Please be safe over the holiday break, and enjoy your time with your families. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Warm Regards.

Thanks for supporting ASPE

Mathew Klem, CPD
Energy Systems Design
Phoenix ASPE Chapter President